For development of oil and gas fields and during construction of rigs and other hull structures at the shipyards of Astrakhan and the Caspian Sea states, “Crane Marine Contractor LLC” carries out cargo transportation of oversized structures weighing up to 5330 tons. Such operations are provided by means of the transportation barge “Sevan”.

Transport flat barge of "Sevan" - is the only one of its kind, the flat barge, in the Caspian Sea. She is capable to carry out marine cargo operations with immersion of its hull under the water. That method greatly simplifies loading and unloading operations, provided the object has some ability to float.

Pontoon "Margon" originally constructed for "Kursk" submarine recovery operation with weight capacity of 6800 mt. now can be used for transportation of large-size heavy cargoes and for float-over marine operations. 

Margon pontoon

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