Flat barge “Sevan”

Barge “Sevan” was specially upgraded for transportation LSP-1 (ice-resistant stationary platform) from Astrakhan shipyard through the Volga Caspian Canal to oilfield Yuriy Korchagin in the Caspian sea. The barge has KE III transport pontoon. She was used in August 2009 as additional pontoon to reduce the LSP-1 draft 7,0 m corresponding to LSP-1 displacement 16,735 tons to the minimum draft 4.2 m to pass clear the VCC, taking the part of the load 5540 tons. The unique ability of the barge was used for the operation, namely the ability to submerge, except the barge forecastle, and to resurface. During submersion of the barge, the deck line of the stern is 2,5 m. under water.

Besides, the barge “Sevan” is suitable to use as a barge-platform for transportation of the heavylifts, large-size and other general cargoes at sea and inland waterways in accordance with the class of the barge. In order to tow the barge is provided with a beam for the pusher auto-coupler device and the bow bridle for the tug. Towing speed of the barge in deep calm water by the tug 900 kW is 9-10 km/h. The barge is equipped with two bow Hall’s anchors 2250 kg each and windlass. The machinery and equipment located in the engine room under forecastle deck. The barge is equipped with 90 kW diesel-generator. The operation by the ballast pumps and valves is remotely controlled, the console of which is located in the deck control room

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