Pontoon "Margon"

"Margon" pontoon was constructed on base of two pontoons of "Mar" and "Gon", designed and built on defense company "Sevmash" JSC specially for marine operations of "Kursk" submarine recovery and transportation. 

Pontoon is able to fully submerge it's hull under water thanks to presense of buoyancy towers. After taking the full ballast into tanks the main deck submerges to the level of near 5 meters under the water surface.  
Nowaday "Margon" is a multifunctional non-propelled pontoon which is able to make a solution for different marine operations' tasks:
  • transportation of large-size heavy constractions with the weight up to 6800 mt,
  • block based building and floating over of constructions during onshore and offshore operations,
  • docking of vessels,
  • well-drilling after the installation of special equipment.

"CMC" JSC has got several conceptual projects for modernizatioion of "Margon" pontoon for installation of crane equipment and positioning system. Company is ready for any offers of cooperation.

Systems and arrangements.

Energy system includes 3 diesel-engine driven generator sets "SDMO Montana J130" with the power of 130 kWt each, providing supply for pump system and lightning.

Ballast system consists of 8 submersible pumps "Varisco-Titan 130-30" with the capasity of 130 m3/hr. each.

Main Characteristics.

Year and place of birth2001, Severodvinsk
Year of rebuilt and reclassification2011
Class R3-RSN, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
FlagRussian Federation
Port of registryAstrakhan
Type of vesselPontoon
Length, m.100,0
Breadth, m.32,0
Depth, m.8,97
Maximum height to the top of towers, m.16,47
Minimal transportational draught, m.2,5
Maximal draught after taking the full ballast, m.14
Light ship displacement, mt.3727
Weight capacity, mt.6800
Pontoon "Margon"
Submersible transport pontoon "Margon" with weight capacity of 6800 mt.
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