Floating Crane "Volgar"

Type and purpose

Seagoing floating sheerleg.

Purpose of the crane barge-on-loading/off-loading operations at h3%=1,25 m and 5 points wind. Operating area — mixed type (river — sea) navigation area at h 3% — 4,0 m, not over 100 miles away from shelter and rated and safe distance between shelters not over 200 miles.


Positioning system:
— consists of 8 winches with pulling force of 80 mt. each allowing the movement of crane barge in each direction;
— the central control panel with information monitor lacated in superstructure allows to operate with all winches from one place.

Anchor gear:
— stern anchor gear consisting of 2 eight-ton anchors (Hall's type), anchor chains of 78-cm diameter, chain lockers, capstans and port stop device;
— bow anchor gear consisting of 2 three-ton anchors.

Mooring winches:
— 4 stern winches and 2 bow winches for maneuvering during on-loading/off-loading operations.

Gearing devices:
— 4 propeller propulsion steering columns for maneuvering during on-load/off-load operations and navigation in still water at speed of approx 6 knots.

Power generation plant

— 2 diesel-generators, 500 kWt each, and 1 diesel-generator, 320 kWt.
— auxiliary mechanisms and equipment of power generation plant and marine systems.
— marine systems: ballast, drainage, bilge system, sewage, VAC, aerosol fire system for engine rooms, water fire system.

Electrical equipment, control systems, radio equipment

Main three-phase A/C, 380V, 50 Hz.

Marine power generation plant:
— 3 main diesel-generators, supply power for loading-offloading operations, maneuvering operations, harbour diesel-generators generate power for the ship during stay at the harbor, accumulator batteries.

Control stations:
— crane barge control station and lifting device control station in deckhouse on the 3d deck, Central control station in main switchboard room, local control stations.

Main diesel-generators remote automatic control system, marine mechanisms control systems.
— Load lifting limitation system.
— GMDSS radio equipment.

Description of the floating crane "Volgar"

Ship-owner"Crane Marine Contractor LLC"
Port of registryAstrakhan, Russian Federation
FlagRussian Federation
SocietyRussian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS)
Sea classKE R2-RSN, floating crane, Ice 1
Displacement10701 tons
Lifting capacity:
- main hoist1550 tons
- auxiliary hoist 250 tons
Lifting Gear typeSheerleg
Length86,08 metres
Width34,12 metres
Depth7,00 metres
Draught 4,04 metres
- Fuel and oil20 days
- Provision, water 10 days
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