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Installation of the support base of the conductor unit in the field. Yu. Korchagin

       At the field Yu. Korchagin completed the installation of the support block of the conductor unit of the marine ice-resistant stationary platform. To perform lifting operations the floating crane "Volgar" was used when installing the support block.
       As of January 29, 2018, JSC "ASPO" completed the loading of the first and second enlarged blocks of the support base of the Block-conductor to the transport pontoon "Rahman Sharifov" and the support block was towed to the installation site. Since the weight of the support block exceeded the crane's load capacity, a launching method was proposed for the installation, which consisted in creating the buoyancy of the support base by immersing the barge "Rahman Sharifov" to the required depth.


Main characteristics of the object:
height overall - 25.5 m,
width overall - 32.6 m,
length overall - 31.8 m,
weight of the support block - 2498 tons,
 number of piles - 8 units,
the number of risers is 9 units.

       The Yuri Korchagin oil and gas condensate field operated by LUKOIL-Nizhnevolzhskneft is located in the northern part of the Caspian Sea 180 km from Astrakhan and 240 km from Makhachkala. The field was discovered in 2000 and put into operation in April 2010. The recoverable reserves are estimated at 28.8 million tons of oil and 63.3 billion cubic meters of gas. The maximum level of oil and gas condensate production is 2.3 million tons per year and 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas per year.