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Floating crane "Bogatir-3"

Maximum lifting capacity 300 t

Technical characteristics
Hoisting diagram
Diagram of the main lift outreach with fly jib

Type and purpose
       Marine non-self-propelled floating crane of pontoon type with full-turn top structure, cargo area and stern arrangement of engine room and vane propulsors, with bow wheelhouse and remote side posts, with accommodation in the pontoon of the floating crane.
       It carries out lifting and reloading of heavy cargoes and hydrotechnical construction in ports, on open roads and offshore coasts under sea conditions up to 3 points and wind up to 5 points, as well as participation in shipbuilding, shiprepairing and rescue operations and during the dismantling of port reloading machines.
       Plavkran is able to transport cargo on its own cargo area and deliver up to 900 tons of cargo to the place of production, as well as other deck cargoes with a total weight of up to 900 tons.
       The floating crane with a cargo of up to 900 tons on deck has a limited area of ​​independent navigation lll without accompanying and security tugboats (port, raid, coastal) with a distance from the place of refuge to 20 miles.




The shipowner


Home port



Russian Federation




KE R3 floating crane, Ice 2


3170 t

Lifting capacity:

main lift

300 t

auxiliary lift

120 t

Lifting mechanism


Length (with fly jib)

93,10 m


25,22 m

Overall height with boom

stowed position with 10% margin

and ballast 196 tons (from the waterline)

32,00 m

Board height

4,50 m

Draft (with reserves and cargo of 900 tons)

2,85 m

Area of cargo deck

370 m² (19,2х19,2 m)


20 days


20 persons


Mechanisms and equipment

Anchor and mooring devices:

bow anchor device consists of 2 anchovies of 2000 kg, chain caliber 40 mm,

aft anchor device consists of 2 Hall anchors of 1500 kg, chain caliber 40 mm;

Two anchor-mooring winches LEYA-4 are installed in the bow and stern extremities.

Means of active control: 4 screw propeller-steering columns for maneuvering while performing cargo operations and driving in quiet water at a speed of about 6 knots.

Power plant

Diesel generators:

Main - 2х700 kW

Auxiliary - 110 kW

Auxiliary boiler- KOAV-200