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HSE Policy

The main objectives is to eliminate the facts of injuries, accidents at work, damage to LLC "CMC"s property, the absence of industrial accidents, reduce the risk of occupational diseases and negative impact on the OS.

LLC "CMC" in accordance with the main objective and applicable legislation in the field of HSE, HSE, seeks to reduce the negative impact of production activities on the health of workers, the environment through the introduction of advanced technologies, equipment modernization, reduction of production waste and emissions, safe working conditions in the workplace.

Our company strives to ensure full compliance with the requirements of applicable legislation and other regulations in the field of HSE, the countries in which the production activities are carried out, to raise to the international level the requirements applied in the company in those areas where internationally recognized standards establish more high requirements.

Objectives for HSE:

  • The introduction of an effective system of measures to protect personnel from injuries and prevent occupational diseases, including by creating healthy and safe working conditions in the workplace
  • Identification and assessment of occupational risks and implementation of professional risk management mechanisms
  • Annual decrease in the number of jobs with hazardous working conditions
  • Development and implementation of the system of measures, rules and regulations in the LLC "CMC" ensuring the exclusion of persons who do not meet the relevant qualification requirements, the requirements of labor protection or having medical contra-indications to the work in question
  • Implementation of a system for monitoring the provision, availability and correctness of the use of personal and collective protection equipment by personnel (including Contractors)
  • Implementation of a system for ensuring the availability and bringing to the attention of company personnel of regulatory legal acts and technical documents that establish rules for the safe conduct of work

Objectives in the field of environmental protection:

  • Minimizing the negative impact of the company's production facilities on the environment (on the atmosphere, water bodies, soil);
  • Identification and assessment of the importance of environmental aspects and the introduction of an effective system of technical and economic measures to manage them in the performance of companies
  • Ensure environmental impact assessment of all projects under development, make environmentally sound decisions and monitor the implementation of all planned activities, reduce possible negative environmental impacts
  • Development of Draft Norms for Maximum Permissible Emissions of Pollutants into the Atmosphere by a Company with Stationary Sources of Pollutant Emissions into the Atmosphere, Draft Waste Generation Standards and Limits for their location
  • Development and implementation of a system of measures, rules and regulations for the implementation of industrial control in the field of environmental protection
  • Development and implementation of a system of measures for the reliable protection of water bodies, the atmosphere, soil from pollution during work
  • Introduction of a system for the timely disposal of production and consumption waste from the activities of companies and contractors, incl. The use of technologies that reduce waste generation and the possibility of their recycling